Introducing: Poptime Creations and Poptime Big & Bold

Introducing: Poptime Creations and Poptime Big & Bold

I’m going to share a kernel of wisdom with all of you. Poptime Creations and Poptime Big & Bold are here to change the way you think about popcorn with 8 original varieties to choose from!. 

Poptime Creations consists of 2 individual flavours of popcorn that are combined into 1 convenient bag to bring you a pairing of flavours like no other out there. Poptime Creations meet the needs of both the person with the sweet tooth with their Cinnamon & Marshmallow and Chocolate & Vanilla flavours, but also the savory lover with their Sriracha Lime and Truffle Cheddar varieties. Not to mention, these addicting snacks are non-GMO, vegan and MSG free.

Poptime Big & Bold takes your classic flavours of popcorn and brings them to a whole other level of flavour with maintaining popcorns’ status as a low calorie snack. Each bag comes loaded with BIG flavour with a small amount of calories. Available in classic flavours including: butter, sea-salt, white cheddar and salt & pepper you now never have to compromise flavour for health. Enjoy “cheat day” everyday with new Poptime Big & Bold.


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