Brand launch: Shoosha Truly

Brand launch: Shoosha Truly

We at Ecoideas try our utmost best to partner with brands that share our common interest in fostering the safe development and healthy living of our community. Shoosha Truly fits the profile in bringing you clean, Non GMO, vegan, organic, nut free, hypoallergenic products.  Whether shopping diaper balm for the little ones  or seasonal essentials, the entire family can become true Shoosha Truly fans. 

For babies and kids

The phrase 'children are like sponges' is a very popular way to describe the nature of a child’s brain during development. Do you know that 85% of the brain is developed by age 5? During this primitive stage it is as important to be mindful of the chemicals their bodies are exposed to. Shoosha Truly baby line is made with sensitive ingredients to protect the safe development of children.

For moms

They care about you too! Offering products to aid with rejuvenating the look and feel of your postpartum body with a 'peace of mind'.

Seasonal essentials and skin Care

Research attest that sunscreen protects against the three common skin cancers: squamous cell carcinoma, basal cell carcinoma, and melanoma. Shoosha’s organic lemon eucalyptus summer spray is made with no petrochemicals or any synthetic ingredient and their eczema line of products work effectively to temporarily relief skin irritation for the entire family. Let's get started on collectively caring for our family, our community and our home by supporting Shoosha Truly, a Canadian made brand.



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