Smoothie “JOYFUL”(pink) - (260ml)

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“Rūdolfs” organic products are made from the most finely selected high-quality ingredients.


Each product combines the healthy with the truly delicious, resulting in products of high nutritional value and incredible taste. It is highly recommended to eat organic products from an early age to ensure the absorption of valuable and necessary nutrients , in addition to establishing a general state of improved health and well being. “Rūdolfs” smoothies are excellent choice for a light meal replacement. Consist only of blended berries, fruits and juice.

Category includes:

“Mind Power” smoothie with coconut, banana, apple & quince;

“Peaceful” smoothie with blueberry, strawberry, banana & pear + chia seeds;

“Wake up!” smoothie with mango, orange, gooseberry & banana;

“Energy source” smoothie with kiwi, pear, banana & apple + chia seeds;

“Joyful” smoothie with strawberry, banana, apple & lingonberry.

• Organic

• Gluten free

• Vegan friendly

• No added preservatives

• 100% fruit

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