Fair Trade Cacao Products

Fair Trade Cacao Products

Our Fair Trade Peruvian cacao has over 30 years’ experience developing a sustainable cocoa supply chain by partnering with local farmer and has made a significant social, economic, and environmental impact.

During the pandemic in 2021, a few of the initiatives that the Fair Trade for Life Premium Fund provided were:

  • Reduction on farms visits and use of digital media to keep in touch with the communities.
  • Training to promote awareness about Covid-19 and its prevention through hygiene campaigns.
  • Donations of thousands of hand sanitizers and masks to cooperatives and cocoa farmer’s communities.
  • X-ray equipment donation for the execution of medical campaigns to help in the diagnose of patients suspected of COVID.
  • Donation of an ambulance to facilitate the transfer of patients in the Pisco community.

Thank you for your support by making the conscious decision to purchase Fair Trade products such as our Cacao products.



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