iChoc White Vanilla - (80g)

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Gone are the days when vegans literally found nothing for them in the supermarket.


In a remarkably short space of time, a true vegan product paradise has arisen there. Even in the chocolate section, which iChoc now enriches with six strong milk chocolate alternatives. With the new two varieties, we are now relying completely on vegan versions of popular chocolate classics. It is usually the simple varieties, such as pure vegan ‘milk’ chocolate, that are requested most frequently by our customers. When it comes to taste, the new varieties are barely distinguishable from their milk chocolate originals. The German vegan brand iChoc is fully committed to social and ecological meaningfulness. For example, the chocolates are made from 100% organic ingredients and 100% ecological packaging, thanks to compostable natureflex film. It goes without saying that no questionable ingredients such as artificial flavors, soya lecithin and palm oil are used.

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