iChoc Sunny Almond - (50g)

iChoc Sunny Almond - (50g)

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Until now, iChoc has been known as vegan ‘milk’ chocolate, the taste of which is barely distinguishable from the original containing milk.


With the EXPEDITION series, we are now expanding our horizons towards completely independent worlds of flavour. No milk replacement is used in the recipe for either of the new varieties Jungle Bites and Sunny Almond. Instead, we experimented with almond nougat, tiger nut and coconut blossom sugar – precious ingredients with a maximum level of originality. For instance, the coconut blossom sugar is not refined and thus still contains many valuable minerals. These high-quality components and a higher cocoa content mean that iChoc EXPEDITION appeals above all to nutrition-conscious customers for whom the previous iChoc range was too sweet.

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