Himalayan Garlic - (50g)

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Ecoideas Himalayan Garlic is naturally encapsulated in its own protective hard shell that is simply peeled off before use, eliminating the need for synthetic capsules, additives and preservatives This mild, unique and rare species of wild garlic can only grow to full bloom in the unpolluted, high altitudes of the Himalayan mountain range, 6,000 – 11,000 feet above sea level.


It is able to grow and thrive in harsh cold weather and oxygen deprived conditions! Its capacity to survive in extreme environmental conditions is the reason for its superior potency. The abundant melting snow in spring ensures optimal moisture for full plant maturity, providing the plant with increased capillary vessel activity, which enables all soil nutrients to be transported to the very top of the plant for maximum growth. This activity explains Himalayan Garlic’s efficacy as a vessel dilator

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