Govinda - Tigernut Marzipan - (120g)

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Govinda™ Artisan Desserts Govinda offers a very unique variety of desserts, from raw vegan truffles to tigernut treats.


These delicious bite-sized confections are not only satisfying, but also nourishing to the body. High quality and a passion for detail are key in the creation of these confections. Savour the flavour – treat yourself to good health! Tigernut Treats

• Choco-Nut Truffles

• Choco-Ginger Truffles

• Mango Coconut Bites

• Choco-Light Truffles - RAW

• Almond Magic - RAW

• Coconut Paradise - RAW

• Coconut Date Delights - RAW

• Sesame Laddu - Ayurvedic

• Coconut Laddu - Ayurvedic

• Tigernut Marzipan - NEW

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