River City Herbals™ Organic Calendula Oil

//River City Herbals™ Organic Calendula Oil

River City Herbals™ Organic Calendula Oil

  • Makes a wonderful baby oil
  • Good for Mom, relieving vaginal atrophy or infections as well as cuts and tears from episiotomy or other causes.
  • Good for sensitive skin
  • Highly versatile herb 
  • Stimulates blood flow 
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Native to the Mediterranean, Calendula is a highly versatile herb that has been used for centuries as a treatment for skin irritations and wounds.

River City Herbals botanical remedies are made from the highest quality organic ingredients, including certified organic Calendula flowers, extra virgin olive oil and untreated natural beeswax. Calendula is a traditional treatment for almost every kind of skin condition, wounds or irritations. Wonderfully soothing, Calendula stimulates blood flow, heals damaged tissue and makes your skin supple and resistant to irritants.

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