Living Intentions® Sprouted Superfoods

//Living Intentions® Sprouted Superfoods

Living Intentions® Sprouted Superfoods

• Probiotic, Non-GMO, Gluten Free and Vegan Product Line

• Sprouted foods ease digestion and increase bioavailability of nutrients.

• NEW Superfood Popcorn Line! – Fun and functional popcorn providing ideal nutrition and outrageous flavour that does more than satisfy your snack craving. Good source of Fiber and rich in antioxidants from Vitamin E.

• Superfood Nut Blends are minimally processed at low-heat for maximum nutrition and have 1 billion CFUs of probiotic cultures in each bag to support immune health.

• Nutrient dense snacks perfect to satisfy hunger for those on the move. Enjoy on the trail, at the gym, or in the office.


Living Intentions has been committed to supporting transitional farmers for over a decade. Designated as “transitional”, these farms are growing real, clean food in a way that will help them meet the organic certification within 3 years. It is a long, strenuous, and expensive process on the road to organic. For 3 years these farms are operating with all the expenses of an organic farm while having to still sell their crops at conventional prices. It has been our goal to continue to support these farms as they make the transition because we envision a world where organic is not strictly the rule but a part of a larger system.

ACTIVATED IS FOOD AT IT’S HIGHEST POTENTIAL! At Living Intentions, Activated is an outlook, a way of being, and a mantra for intentionally shifting life into higher gear. Whether it be sprouted with active enzymes, loaded with superfoods, or enhanced with probiotics, our activated foods contain combinations of essential nutrients, to give your body what it needs!

Sprouting is our process of bringing seeds to life. We unlock vital nutrients and enzymes that ease digestion and increase vitality.

Probiotic cultures are friendly bacteria that are linked to boosting immune function, increasing energy, hightening brain and mood function, and elimination of harmful bacteria.

Superfoods are foods that are power packed with vital nutrients! Superfoods are an incredible source of nutrition and contribute to optimal health and vibrant living. Our products are gently air dried at low temperatures to protect essential enzymes, vitamins, and minerals compromised during high-heat processing.

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Sprouted Almonds 454g, Sprouted Nuts-Almonds Unsalted 170g, Sprouted Trail Mix-Wild Berry 198g, Sprouted Seeds-Jalapeno Mojo 227g, Sprouted Seed-Sprouted Pumpkin Seeds 227g, Sprouted Seeds-Smokey Barbeque 227g, Sprouted Trail Mix-Spicy Mango 198g


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