HandSan™ Organic Hand Sanitizer

//HandSan™ Organic Hand Sanitizer

HandSan™ Organic Hand Sanitizer

  • Effectively kills germs with powerful Nutraceutical-based ingredients
  •  100% Certified Organic
  •  100% safe for people, pets and the planet
  •  No artificial colours or preservatives
  •  Alcohol FREE: Does NOT dry out your
  • Good for Sensitive skin
  • Not tested on animals



The first ever vitamin based, alcohol free, organic hand cleanser made from purified water and organic citrus extracts with no artificial preservatives.

Our HandSan antimicrobial cleaner spray was developed to provide consumers with a safe and healthy alternative to conventional hand santizers. While the vast majority of sanituzer products similarly possess strong antimicrobial activities, their active ingredients, such as Ethyl Alcohol, Synthetic Phenols or Benzalkonium Chloride, are all detrimental to both human and enviromental health.
This is why we made HandSan Different!


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