ECOIDEAS®Selenite Tealight Holder

//ECOIDEAS®Selenite Tealight Holder

ECOIDEAS®Selenite Tealight Holder

• The pure white selenite has an ethereal appearance and hunting negative energies.

• A brilliance emanates vertical veins of selenite and creates a stunning visual effect.

• The selenite is unique since it is the only mineral that impact on quartz crystals.

• This stone has a water molecule in the crystal structure that aligns with the water molecules in the human body. Like us, selenite comes from the ancient sea.


Selenite name comes from the Greek word “selene” which means “moon” and “lithos” meaning “stone”. In fact, the belief is that the properties of this mineral fluctuate depending on the lunar cycle. The selenite is a gypsum derivative. It forms from minerals left after isolated sea water evaporation, creating this unique variety of gypsum.

Gypsum is one of the most common minerals in sedimentary environments. Selenite is composed of oxygen, sulfur, hydrogen, calcium, and water, which is in fact hydrated calcium sulfate (CaS04.2H20); a mineral commonly found in sedimentary rocks.

Our Selenite specifically comes from the mountains of Morocco.


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