Coco Natura™ Coconut Spread

//Coco Natura™ Coconut Spread

Coco Natura™ Coconut Spread

• Certified Organic

• Additive-free

• Nutrient rich

• Low GI

• 100% Natural Sap from the Philippines

• Sap from budding flowers (not the tree trunk!)


The truly healthy spread you’ve been looking for! Coco Natura Spread is smooth and sweet with a rich caramel flavour adored by children and adults alike!


• Coconut meat is an excellent source of dietary fibre

• Coconut milk contains lauric acid (an essential fatty acid)

• And Coconut sugar is a nutrient-rich low GI sugar

All three ingredients combine to make this deliciously nutritious Coconut Spread. Use it to ice cakes, spread on toast, crackers, bananas… or enjoy it on a spoon!

Additional information

Weight .330 lbs


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