PRESS RELEASE: Ecoideas is excited to officially launch Bio Bandits sauces in Canada!- May 24, 2019

Ecoideas is happy to announce the official Canadian launch of the world-wide popular condiment line, Bio Bandits. With a wide range of flavours and sauces to enrichen your next meal or BBQ, including two Egg-Free Mayo products, Bio Bandits will be available at your favourite local food outlets across Canada this summer.

“We believe that first of all food has to be delicious. Our products help to reach this goal. Moreover we are convinced that it is possible to develop condiments without unnecessary chemical additives. That is why we only use real ingredients. We always look for new friends and allies who support us to make our products more widely available and to extend the number of BioBandits fans globally.” (

About BioBandits: BioBandits has been producing the delicious organic sauces and dressings since 2011. With our products it is super easy to make something special out of every meal. Just use some fresh ingredients and choose one of your favourite or a new BioBandits product. We only use real and pure ingredients to get that well known rich BioBandits flavour. After filling the bottles we enjoy labelling them with their distinctive and cool labels. Now it is easy to recognise our bottles and jars in the supermarket and they look cool on the dinner table.

About Ecoideas®: Ecoideas, recently awarded the 2019 Supplier of Excellence at CHFA West, is a manufacturer of Natural Health Products and a distributor to retailers across Canada. Our team at Ecoideas strongly believes in the alignment of thought with speech and action, which became the strong foundation of our company. Ecoideas believes in fair-trade and supports business practices that promote job creation and sustainability in countries where our resources are found. Our purpose is to bring unique, cost-effective, ecological products to consumers through trusted health food stores. We believe that healthy living should be available to everyone, and that the earth must not suffer in order for humans to live well.

Pinder Khaira
Ecoideas Innovation Inc.
Tel.: (888) 735 – 7285

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