Pu'Erh Ninja - (70g)

Pu'Erh Ninja - (70g)

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Matcha Ninja is the first Canadian company to offer Pu’Erh tea in a unique powdered format.


Pu’Erh tea has been popular in the East since the Tang Dynasty, however it is only recently that it has gained popularity in North America. With the launch of Pu’Erh Ninja, Matcha Ninja is looking to make this unique tea product more accessible to consumers in Canada. Pu’Erh tea is traditionally purchased in a puck form and requires a lengthy preparation and steeping process. Pu’Erh Ninja is offered in an easy to use powdered format that eliminates this lengthy preparation process, allowing consumers to instantly make and enjoy Pu’Erh tea. Like Matcha Ninja, Pu’Erh Ninja is organic, easy to use and offers the additional health benefits of consuming whole leaf teas.

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