Product Launch: Marseille's Remedy!

Product Launch: Marseille's Remedy!

Introducing Marseille's Remedy! Originally developed in 1413 as the Bubonic plague decimated France, the combination of oils protected thieves from getting infected as they were stealing from the dead. Today, Marseille's remedy is focused on healing and protection! 100% plant based and made in Canada, Marseille's Remedy provides a lovely scent, along with effective results!

The new products launched include: Thieves Oil, Thieves Balm, Junglista Natural Insect Deterrent, and Hand Sanitizer! Thieves Oil is a pure plant-extract antiseptic, decongestant, and potent preventative aid. Marseille's Remedy Balm begins with the same essential oils blend we use in our Marseille’s Remedy Oil. Blending this oil in an all-natural beeswax base makes it ideal for topical application. Junglista Natural Insect Deterrent is an effective deterrent that utilizes all natural ingredients. It can protect against mosquitos, ticks, fleas, lice, and bedbugs. Marseille's Remedy Hand Sanitizer cleanses the skin of germs, leaves your hands feeling clean, moisturized, but dry!

Try Marseille's Remedy products today : Traditional blend with a modern twist! 



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