Brand Launch: Alaska Flour

Brand Launch: Alaska Flour

Ecoideas is bringing the Alaskan agriculture to your door-step!

Are you familiar with Barley? Like wheat and other grains, Barley is from the grass family, rich in fiber, vitamin and minerals. Alaska Flour Company is specialized in stone-ground, artisan barley products. Pure atmosphere, clean water and advanced farming skills are the components that capture the goodness of these grains. Barley is commonly known to support the body’s cardiovascular functions with its vitamin-B-6, potassium and lack of cholesterol properties.

Barley is a super-food! Alaska Flour offers high-quality products that provide you and your family with the nutrients that your body deserves one meal at a time. For the people that like to play around in the kitchen: these products can be used as an ingredient whether you are aiming to change the texture, add flavor and taste, or simply interested in adding nutritional value to your recipe. The Alaska Flour Company has made it convenient to use their products as a healthier food alternative that is functional for different types of lifestyles. Ecoideas Innovation Inc is excited to partner with Alaska Flour in serving you.



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