Brand Launch: V-Fresh

Brand Launch: V-Fresh

Ecoideas Innovation is proud to announce a distribution partnership with V-Fresh. What is V-fresh? V-Fresh offers products that can be used as a natural prevention and treatment for vaginal infections. Why is this brand unique? V-fresh inserts are 100% activated charcoal. Activated Charcoal has become a popular component in skin care and health products for its naturally reoccurring benefits. This unique property helps to balance vaginal Ph during pregnancy and breastfeeding and, prevents common vaginal infections and reduces bacterial based odors.

70% of women experience vaginal infection over their lifestyle. V-fresh+ helps treat bacterial vaginosis and pregnancy vaginitis. These carbon inserts not only feel comfortable but are fragrance free, chemical free (bleach-free), and free of additives. The inserts are recyclable and the applicators are compostable. All of the above mentioned characteristics of this product makes V-Fresh an ideal brand for us to represent under our Ecoideas Innovation Inc platform. "Innovative Ideas for Healthy Living"



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