Ecoideas BOGO Sale!

Ecoideas BOGO Sale!
Sale Alert!
For a limited time, Ecoideas will be having a buy one get one free sale! Click the link to view these products on our site:
Here's how it works: For each item purchased on the list, we will automatically double the item quantity for free! For example: If you add  & pay for 1 unit of an item in the list below, we will automatically ship you 1 additional unit of that product for FREE! If you add & pay for 2 units, we will automatically ship you 2 additional units for FREE! **Please note, you do not need to add the free quantity in your cart.  These items include:
Bio Bandits - Humming Honey Mustard Org. dressing
Bio Bandits - Crazy Citrus Organic dressing
Bio Bandits - Egg Free Mayo Chili
Bio Bandits - Organic Original Tomato Ketchup
Bio Bandits - Organic Tomato Chili  Ketchup
Ecoideas Organic Jackfruit - Tasty Thai 
Mira - Nativo Avocado Oil 
Rudolfs - Organic Strawberry Red Currant Jam
Rudolfs - Organic Pear Lingonberry Jam
Rudolfs -Mind Power Organic Smoothie
Savoury Wild Roasted Garlic & Black Pepper Mushroom Jerky
Savoury Wild - Sesame Ginger & Korean Chili Mushroom Jerky

**On select products while supplies last.
If you have any questions about how this works, please call our office at 905-475-5060 and speak with customer service for more information.

Happy Shopping!


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