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SugaVida Palmyra Blossom Sugar

The World’s Most Nutritious Natural Sugar

  • Rich in B vitamins & minerals including bioavailable
    vitamin B12
  • Low GI of 35 (diabetic friendly as part of a healthy diet)
  • Versatile – can be used as a direct replacement for sugar
    in baking, cooking, sprinkling on food & stirring into
  • Delicious & Great Taste Award winning – no chemical
  • Organically & ethically farmed




SugaVida is a highly nutritious natural sugar that not only sweetens food & drink in the healthiest possible way, but also provides sustained energy, improves mood, reduces stress and helps improve sleep quality. Packed with vitamins and minerals, SugaVida is the only known plant based source of bioavailable vitamin B12! Harvested from the Palmyra tree in Southern India, SugaVida is organically and sustainably
produced and has been a cherished part of Ayurvedic  medicine for over 5,000 years.

SugaVida can be used as an alternative to sugar and othersweeteners in drinks, cooking, baking and anywhere else you would normally use sugar.

Ingredients: 100% organic palmrya blossom sugar



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