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Rudolfs Organic Fruit Spreads

Organic Fruit Spreads
• Organic
• No Sugar added
• Gluten free
• No Added preservatives
• Vegan friendly


Rudolfs organic products are made from the finest quality ingredients sourced both locally and abroad. By being able to control the full production process from sourcing the raw material to packaging the final product, Rudolfs team constantly provides families with high nutritional value and healthy products. With over 100 different products in our assortment in such categories as Baby food, Smoothies, Jams, Spreads and more we are able to cater to each individual consumer’s needs and preferences.


 Strawberry-Blackcurrent- Apple, banana, strawberry 10%, blueberrry , blackcurrant 5%, rice flour, thickener – fruit pectin, vitamin C, peppermint.

Mango Coconut- Mango 58%, apple, coconut milk 10%, rice flour, quince, thickener – fruit pectin, vitamin C.

Mango Coconut                                                   Strawberry Blackcurrent


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