Premium Green Grains™ Greenwheat Freekeh™

//Premium Green Grains™ Greenwheat Freekeh™

Premium Green Grains™ Greenwheat Freekeh™

• Very high in fibre – 4X the fibre content of brown rice

• Rich in calcium, potassium, iron, and zinc

• Low GI food with excellent insulin response

• Low gluten

• Good for general bowel health. Helpful in the prevention of constipation and the management of Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

• Easy to cook and super versatile


Grown and picked in Australia, Greenwheat Freekeh is perfect for today’s healthy lifestyle. Our unique drying and roasting process gives this low-gluten grain a delicious nutty taste and satisfying texture. Harvested when young, it provides more protein, fibre, vitamins, minerals and prebiotic benefits than mature wheat. This may help assist in weight loss and optimize overall health. Enjoy as a side dish, in soups, salads, or vegetarian meals. It also makes a great breakfast. Numerous clinical studies have shown the tremendous health benefits of Premium Green GrainsTM brand Greenwheat FreekehTM.



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Whole Grain 400g, Cracked 400g, Cracked 1.36kg


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