Premier-Medi-Soak® Cleanse

//Premier-Medi-Soak® Cleanse

Premier-Medi-Soak® Cleanse

Medi-Soak® Cleanse
Premium Bath Salt Formula with
Ocean-Rich Sea Vegetation
Medi-Soak® is a premier cleansing formula for use as a premier foot soak or whole body soak. It contains four key, premium sources of sea salt minerals including natural salts from the Mediterranean Sea, the Dead Sea,
the Hawaiian Islands and ancient inland seas, in addition to premier quality, organic sea vegetation and organic cloves. Medi-Soak® offers effective exchange of impurities to cleanse waste particles and promote quantum-state resonance. It contains no added fillers. Due to their natural properties, some of the sea salts may not dissolve completely in your bath water. However, the premier effect generated from these ingredients is still maximally operative.



Premier Research Labs™ is the World Leader in high-performance External Cleansing Products. They feature only Premier Quality Clays, Botanical Agents, Sea Vegetation and Exquisite Essential Oils. PRLabs™ is known for sourcing the World’s Finest Quality ingredients and researching the Ancient Cleansing Secrets. Experience Premier Castor oil, Body Mud-Packs & Baths and Amazing Salt Soaks, for the Name that stands for Quality, Efficacy and Effectiveness.


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