Marinoë™ Organic Seaweed Spreads

//Marinoë™ Organic Seaweed Spreads

Marinoë™ Organic Seaweed Spreads

• Innovative Irresistible Flavours

• Harvested by Hand off the Coast of France

• Certified Organic & Vegan

• Mineral Rich and Super Nutritious

• Gluten Free & GMO Free


Seaweed Spread– Organic Seaweed, Organic Extra Virgin Olive
Oil, Organic Pickles, Organic Capers, Organic Onions,
Organic Shallots, Organic Garlic.

Seaweed Tapenade– Organic Seaweed, Organic Black Olives,
Water, Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Organic Lemon
Juice, Organic Capers, Organic Thyme

Seaweed Pesto– Organic Seaweed, Water, Organic Canola
Oil, Organic Tomato, Organic Red Pepper, Organic
Lemon Juice, Organic Cider Vinegar, Sea Salt, Organic
Garlic, Organic Cumin, Organic Espelette Pepper, Lactic Acid


At Marinoë, we look to the sea for nourishing and delicious food. We hand-harvest organic seaweed grown off the coast of France, then use our innovation and expertise to craft the most delicious gourmet seaweed products.

Traditional recipes with a delicious seaweed twist! Seaweed Tomato Pesto, Seaweed Olive Tapenade, and Seaweed Spread, organic, vegan, gluten free, enjoy on bread, pasta and salad.

Additional information

Weight .90 lbs

Seaweed Pesto, Seaweed Tapenade, Seaweed Spread


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