Kombucha Mill Tea

//Kombucha Mill Tea

Kombucha Mill Tea


  • Reusable Live Culture
  • Easy and Delicious
  • Makes approximately 10 bottles per kit
  • A great gift



Black Tea- Water, Organic Kombucha Culture, Organic Sugar, Organic Tea

Green Tea-Water, Organic Kombucha Culture, Organic Sugar, Organic Tea

Green Tea and Ginger- Water, Organic Kombucha Culture, Organic Sugar, Oragnic Tea, Organic Lemon Extract, Organic Ginger Root.


Kombucha Mill is happy to bring you a Live Organic Scoby kit to help make the best homemade Kombucha in the simplest way. Making Kombucha is the simple and easy…just follow the instruction sheet inside the box.

Create your own Kombucha drinks at home that are both delicious and pact full of health benefits! Our products are of the highest grade, made from the lush topics of Hawaii. Our production facility is USDA Organic Certified, so you can be sure of the high standards of production.


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Green Tea, Lemon Ginger Tea, Black Tea


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