Govinda™ Tigernut Flour

//Govinda™ Tigernut Flour

Govinda™ Tigernut Flour

• Source of Fibre

• Source of Iron

• Source of Magnesium

• Organic

• Nut Free

• Gluten Free

• Vegan

• Finely Ground

• Sweet, Nutty Taste

• Versatile


Due to our long- standing experience in the cultivation and processing, extensive cleaning, and constant laboratory control of tiger nuts, Govinda is able to offer you the highest-grade tigernut flour on the market! We are confident that you will enjoy this delicious, naturally sweet tasting tuber, along with its phenomenal health benefits.

What are Tigernuts?

Recognized in ancient Egypt for their health benefits and relished in Spain for their delicious taste, Govinda is pleased to introduce you to tigernuts (cyperus esculentus). Contary to their name and taste, tiger nuts are not nuts (good news for those with allergies!)- they are tubers that grow low to the ground. Besides being one of natures richest sources of fibre (41%), they are also rich in phosphorus, potassium, vitamin E and C, and are a valuable source of easily digested protein, carbohydrates and essential iron. High Fibre foods help hold our hunger- great for thoese watching their weight, or people on the move.

Ingredients- 100% Organic Ground Tigernuts.

Additional information

Weight .300 lbs


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