Govinda™ Artisan Desserts

//Govinda™ Artisan Desserts

Govinda™ Artisan Desserts

Govinda offers a very unique variety of desserts, from raw vegan truffles to tigernut treats. These delicious bite-sized confections are not only satisfying, but also nourishing to the body. High quality and a passion for detail are key in the creation of these confections. Savour the flavour – treat yourself to good health!


• Tigernut Treats:
Vegan –Gluten Free –OrganicA creamy dessert made from naturally sweet tigernuts and pineapple.

• Choco-Nut Truffles:
Vegan –Gluten Free –OrganicRound, chocolaty truffles made from whole cocoa beans and crushed nuts –the healthy chocolate-lover’s dream!

• Choco-Light Truffles:
RAW –Vegan –Organic –Gluten FreeDelicious raw vegan truffles made with reduced fat cocoa powder.

• Almond Magic:
RAW –Vegan –Organic –Gluten FreeNaturally sweet almond dessert with an irresistibly smooth texture.

• Coconut Paradise:
RAW –Vegan –Organic –Gluten FreeMade from creamy coconut milk and savory coconut pieces, rolled in fragrant coconut flakes.

• Baobab Bites:
Vegan –Gluten Free –OrganicMade from a naturally sweet superfoodwith an exotic flavour resembling citrus fruits and caramel.

• Choco-Ginger Truffles:
Vegan –Gluten Free –OrganicVegan chocolate truffleswith a warming hint of ginger.

• Chi-Bites:
RAW –Vegan –Organic –Gluten FreeCreamy sprouted sunflower seed and chia dessert.

• Coconut Date Delights:
RAW –Vegan –Organic –Gluten FreeA naturally sweet coconut treat made from simple ingredients.

• Traditional Ayurvedic-Vata:
Vegan –Gluten Free –OrganicSesame LADDU Vata Chickpea Dessert.

• Traditional Ayurvedic-Kapha:
Vegan –Gluten Free –OrganicCoconut LADDU Kapha Chickpea Dessert.

• Sweet Chestnut:
Vegan –Gluten Free –OrganicMade from fresh, slowly roasted chestnuts

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Weight .120 lbs

Coconut Paradise, Almond Magic, Coconut-Date Delights, Choco-Light Truffles, Tigernut Treats, Sesame Laddu, Coconut Laddu, Choco-Ginger Truffles, Choco-Nut Truffles, Tigernut Marzipan


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