Ecoideas® Raw Organic Coconut Oil

//Ecoideas® Raw Organic Coconut Oil

Ecoideas® Raw Organic Coconut Oil

• Raw

• Certified Organic

• Kosher

• Virgin (Unrefined)

• Non-deodorized

• Unbleached

• Cold-Pressed and Unhydrogenated

• Non-GMO Project Verified

• BPA Free Containers

• Guaranteed long shelf life

• A portion of proceeds goes to “Heartfelt Giving”


Ecoideas Coconut Oil is coconut oil in its purest and most beneficial State: RAW. Many coconut oils on the market are processed and exposed to heat, and are therefore not raw. Our certified organic coconut oil is cold pressed to preserve its high lauric acid content and medium chain fatty acids.

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445ml, 860ml, 1.86 L, 3.79 L


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