ECOIDEAS® Organic Purple Corn Flour

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ECOIDEAS® Organic Purple Corn Flour

• Source of Fiber
• Source of Energy
• For all your baking needs
• Add some colour to your dish!


Ecoideas Purple Corn Flour is an ancestral superfood from the Peruvian Andes containing anthocyanins, which gives this corn its unique deep purple colour. It also keeps it stable over a wide range of temperatures and time. Our delicious purple corn flour is a source of energy and fiber which can be cooked or baked without losing its potency.

Use: Purple corn flour is an all-purpose cooking ingredient: Use it as a gluten-free substitute for corn or wheat flour in any recipe, from pancakes to cookies and cakes. Or mix it in with desserts for added colour and nutrients.

Ingredient:Organic Purple Corn Flour



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