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ECOIDEAS® Jackfruit

Ecoideas young Jackfruit is nutritious and mouthwatering meat alternative. Forget those soy-based or glutinous alternatives and welcome to the delicious world of Jackfruit. Organically grown and seasoned to perfection.Take your burgers, salads, and sandwiches to the Next Level!

• Organic and Vegan
• Excellent source of vitamin B6
• High in Fibre
• Source of Magnesium
• Delicious texture and flavour



For over 15 years, Ecoideas has been committed to providing Canadians with premium quality healthy food products. This Fall, we are proud to launch our newest addition to our family of organic meals. Ecoideas’ Jackfruit is a delicious and convenient alternative to meat dishes. Our Organic Jackfruit assortments can be integrated into your daily meals, containing ONLY clean ingredients to keep you satisfied!

Flavours Available
• Original Cubes (ECO-330)
• Original Shreds (ECO-331)
• Spicy BBQ (ECO-332)
• Spicy Mexican (ECO-333)
• Tasty Thai (ECO-334)
• Teriyaki (ECO-335)


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