Ecoideas® Himalayan Natural Salt Grinders

//Ecoideas® Himalayan Natural Salt Grinders

Ecoideas® Himalayan Natural Salt Grinders

Himalayan Coarse Salt with an exotic blend of herbs & spices for fresh grinding. 5 Flavours available:
• Natural

• Organic Premium Herbs

• Organic Chili-Paprika

• Organic Pepper Mix

• Supreme Seaweed


Purest and oldest salt that has retained minerals from the original sea through centuries of compression. Uncontaminated by today’s environment and contains 84 minerals and trace elements essential to our body. Unrefined and completely additive free, ionized colloidal form for optimum mineral intake. All in biodegradable packaging.

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Natural Coarse 105g, Chili-Paprika 80g, Pepper Mix 75g, Premium Herbs 80g, Supreme Seaweed 70g


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