ECOIDEAS® Fermenta

//ECOIDEAS® Fermenta

ECOIDEAS® Fermenta

  • Vegan
  • Fermented
  • 100 Calories
  • 20G protein
  • Live Cultures
  • Electrolytes


Fermented Organic Protein and Organic Grasses 

Fermentation preserves the nutrients in foods and makes them more easily absorbable. This is particularly important for proteins because it can be difficult for the body to assimilate. Fermentation naturally creates beneficial enzymes, b-vitamins and probiotics. Fermenta starts with organic, nutrient rich plants, adding absolutely NO fillers, sugar, or artificial flavours. The result is clean, potent, highly digestible nutrition your body can absorb!

Electrolytes: Minerals and Absorption 

Every serving of Fermenta contains 500mg of Austrian- sourced Ocean Trace Mineral Complex, which provides you with 72 naturally occurring Ionic Minerals, such as Chloride (155 mg), Magnesium (54 mg), Potassium (17.9mg), and Sulfur (21.6mg) Essential electrolytes increase the bio availability  of the protein and other nutrients in our formula.

Regular (Blue)           Grass & Ocean Trace Minerals        Live Cultures

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Clean Protein w/electrolytes 275g, Clean Protein w/electrolytes 550g, Green Protein w/electrolytes 305g, Green Protein w/electrolytes 610g, Grass Blend w/electrolytes 93g, Grass Blend w/electrolytes 186g


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