ECOIDEAS®Frequency- Canadian Gold Honey

//ECOIDEAS®Frequency- Canadian Gold Honey

ECOIDEAS®Frequency- Canadian Gold Honey

  • Unfiltered and Unpasteurized
  • Raw
  • Delicious
  • From Canada
  • Hand picked


Unfiltered, Unpasteurized – Totally Raw
Are you ready for a deliciously unique and exquisite taste? Canadian Gold Honey is a pure, raw, unpasteurized, legendary honey from wildflowers in the remote, pristine wildlands of Northern Canada. Commercial honey (also called “raw”) may be highly heated for high speed packing. In contrast, our honey is “raw” (i.e. it has not been refined, whipped, spun, filtered or stripped of any of its naturally occurring nutrition) and is also truly unpasteurized – retaining its live qualities. Every jar of our honey is handpacked which is labour intensive, but
preserves the honey’s integrity as a living super food.


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