Coconut Ambrosia

//Coconut Ambrosia

Coconut Ambrosia

  • Organic
  • Delicious
  • Whole food
  • Made from 100% Raw Organic Coconut Kernal


Coconut Ambrosia is a unique , delicious tasting nutritious whole food. It is made from the fresh raw flesh of Thailand’s prized coconuts. First, state of the art technology is used to gently dehydrate the coconut kernel at minimal heat. Then the fibrous pieces from whole coconut are milled to a creamy smooth consistency to retain maximum nutrient density and full bodied coconut flavor. CA can be used when hard or soft and naturally hardens at temperatures below 24c.  To use as a spread in place of butter or cream cheese or as an ingredient in salad dressings, smoothies, raw dessert toppings ect.

Place jar in hot water to soften and for the best results once soft stir with a strong long handled table knife to reach desired consistency. You can add a little Bali’sun virgin coconut oil at any time if the texture gets too dry and less creamy.


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