Bio Bandits- Organic Sauces

//Bio Bandits- Organic Sauces

Bio Bandits- Organic Sauces

  • All Organic
  • Comes in Humming Honey Mustard, Passionate Pepper, Smokey BBQ and Mango Chili
  • Surprise yourself with our wide variety and make sure you find your favorite for every meal!


Humming Honey Mustard– Bio Bandits turned this classic combination into an icon on the organic sauces shelf. You don’t need any help in finding a good idea to use this product. Everybody knows how to use this one best and has his or her personal favorite in which the Honey Mustard never misses. A sandwich lettuce, ham and cheese, on a salmon fillet, in the salad walnuts and brie or as a dipper with Gouda cheese. Whatever you choose, this one doesn’t stay on the shelf for long.

Ingredients-Mustard Seeds*, cane sugar*, sunflower oil*, apple vinegar*, water, honey* (3%), sea salt, natural flavor.* Of controlled organic origin

Passionate Pepper– Its name doesn’t conceal anything, we’re truly passionate about peppers. This sauce has the best of both worlds: it is spicy and sweet. Since day one the most popular product in the range, you can hardly do without. You turn a sandwich chicken or tuna into a flaming lunch. It’s the best dipper with chicken wings, scampis or cheese snacks. And what to think about a hot-burger!

Ingredients-Mustard Seeds*, cane sugar*, sunflower oil*, apple vinegar*, chili paste*(9%) (chili flakes*, apple vinegar*, sea salt), water, honey*, herbs*, spices*, salt.* Of controlled organic origin

Smokey BBQ-A real smokey BBQ sauce, from now on also available as organic sauce. Who else but Bio Bandits could not wait to create this variety! Sweet, slightly spicy with a typical smoke flavor it is the number one in the charts for every BBQ addict. Slowly cooked spare ribs or sandwich pulled pork can be served completely organic now with the sauce that is the best match. Who can wait for that warm summer night at the BBQ?

Ingredients-Water, sugar*, tomato paste*, rise starch*, apple vinegar*, sea salt, soy*, mustard *, bell pepper*, ginger*, curry powder*, garlic*, onion*, thyme*, rosemary*, cayenne pepper*, natural flavor, black pepper*.
* Of controlled organic origin

Mango Chili– An almost Caribbean sauce, typical Bio Bandits and nothing to compare it to. Sweet and full of juicy mango with a good bite of pepper. Picture yourself barefoot on the beach enjoying shrimps with this summer magic sauce. It also turns your chicken skewer into an exotic dish, serve this with a salad, fries and cool white wine at sunset… got it?

Ingredients-Mango*(41%), mustard*, sugar*, sunflower oil*, apple vinegar*, chili flakes*(2%), salt, natural flavor.* Of controlled organic origin


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