Aussie Trace Minerals® Ocean Sourced Minerals

//Aussie Trace Minerals® Ocean Sourced Minerals

Aussie Trace Minerals® Ocean Sourced Minerals

• Pristine source

• Extensively tested for heavy metals and purity

• Extremely concentrated

• Naturally balanced

• Unbeatable electrolyte profile

• 212 mg of Magnesium per serving

• Low Sodium

• Bio available

• Ionic minerals for greater absorption

• Alkalizing

• Energizing

• Electrifying


Naturally harvested from the pristine Southern Australian coast, Aussie Trace Minerals is a pure Ionic Trace Mineral solution derived from 100% solar concentrated and Sodium reduced ocean water. In addition to being very high in absorbable Magnesium, it also contains 73 other minerals and trace elements, making it an extremely complete and balanced formula.

Suggested use:
– add drops to drinking water throughout the day to maintain electrolyte balance
– Increase intake during times of physical exertion and recovery
– Add to smoothies & green drinks to increase absorption of other nutrients
– Great way to re-mineralize R.O. water
– Use in cooking as a low sodium alternative

Consider for:

• Headaches/migraines
• Muscle cramps/spasms
• Dehydration
• Constipation
• Low PH
• Diuretic medication users
• Nutrient absorption issues
• General health concerns

Available in the following Flavours and Sizes:

Aussie Trace 240mL, 60ml, 2 x 60ml
Aussie Trace Peppermint 60mL
Aussie Trace Lemon/Lime 60mL


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