A lil Nutty Trailmixes and Snacks

//A lil Nutty Trailmixes and Snacks

A lil Nutty Trailmixes and Snacks

Trail Mixes N’ Munchies
Eating healthy never tasted so good.



Available in 14 flavours: Dark Chocolate Almonds, Dark
Chocolate Covered Goji Berries, Dark Chocolate Covered
Espresso Beans, Dark Chocolate Covered Cranberries, Dark
Chocolate Covered Cherries, Dark Chocolate Covered
Cocoa Nibs, Dark Chocolate Covered Cashews, Organic
Gummy Bears, Dusted Cocoa Almonds, Quinoa Bites,
Coconut Trail Mix, Goji & Nut Trail Mix, Coconut Chips,
Chocolate Trail Mix


Chocolate Trail Mix– Raisins (rains, sunfower oil), pumpkin seeds, dark chocolate (cocoa liquor, cane sugar, cocoa butter, cocoa powder, tapioca maltodextrin de-10) cranberries (cranberries, cane sugar, sunflower oil) almonds.

Dusted Cocoa Almond-Organic roasted almonds, cocoa mass, organic cane sugar,organic cocoa powder, organic cocoa butter, organic tapioca dextrin DE-10.

Goji and Nut Trailmix- Organic pumpkin seeds, organic cranberries (organic cranberry, organic cane sugar, organic sunflower oil), organic cashews, organic walnuts, organic goji berries.

Dark Chocolate Almonds- Organic dark chocolate (organic cocoa liquor, organic cane sugar, organic cocoa butter, organic natural cocoa powder), organic almonds, confectioneries glaze, Arabic gum

Quinoa Bites- Organic cane sugar, organic cocoa mass, organic cocoa butter, organic cocoa powder, organic popped up quinoa

Coconut Trail Mix- Dried raisins (dried raisins, sunflower oil), cranberries (dried cranberries, apple juice, sunflower oil), coconut, cashew, almonds.

Coconut Chips– 100% organic certified dried coconut shavings



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