• Excellent Source of Vitamin C

• Very High Source of Dietary Fibre

• High in Potassium

• Source of Vitamins B1 and B6, Magnesium and Manganese

• Organic and Raw

The FairWild premium is paid  to our baobab collectors, through an organisation called, Fair Trade Support Network of Zimbabwe, which they are all members of. The collectors are organised into clusters, and together they decide what they will use their share of the  funds for. This year, the clusters that benefited from the premium have begun  goat rearing projects. Previously,  funds were used to buy books that were donated to a few schools in their area. The amount of premium collected is not yet significant enough to undertake large projects, hence the decision to invest in the goat projects so as to generate funds for use on community projects. Currently, there are 1437 FairWild certified collectors supplying Ecoideas’ source of the baobab fruit. Of these 222 are male and 1215 are females.