PRESS RELEASE: Ecoideas® now distributes LeafSource™!

April 21, 2019

Markham, Ontario – April 21, 2019 – Ecoideas® is proud to announce the award-winning nutritional discovery known as LeafSource™ is now a part of the Ecoideas® Family and is ready for immediate distribution coast-to-coast.

LeafSource is derived exclusively from the remains of a prehistoric rainforest that originated during the time of the dinosaurs (nearly 100 million years ago). LeafSource contains the ancient fossilized tropical vegetation from this rain forest, which is a natural compilation of humic and fulvic acids, proteins, macro and micronutrients, organic carbon compounds, 70 organically-bound trace minerals and plant enzymes.

No chemical processes or treatments are used in the production of LeafSource and it is 100% natural and organic!

Pickup your bottle of LeafSource™ at your local health food retailer today!

About LeafSource: LeafSource is derived from its own proprietary source in the United States, making it 100% original and guaranteeing its consistency. Humic and fulvic acid—the main components of LeafSource—contain all the genetic information from the plants they come from. These organic acids (the smallest organic molecules known) have been shown to impact every area of our cells (outside, inside and within the tiny energy producing centers), ultimately helping the body produce more natural energy, reduce excess inflammation (LeafSource won the Platinum Award for Best Joint Product in 2018) and strengthen the immune system.

About Ecoideas®: Ecoideas is a manufacturer of Natural Health Products and a distributor to retailers across Canada. Our team at Ecoideas strongly believes in the alignment of thought with speech and action, which became the strong foundation of our company. Ecoideas believes in fair-trade and supports business practices that promote job creation and sustainability in countries where our resources are found. Our purpose is to bring unique, cost-effective, ecological products to consumers through trusted health food stores. We believe that healthy living should be available to everyone, and that the earth must not suffer in order for humans to live well.


Pinder Khaira
Ecoideas Innovation Inc.
Tel.: (888) 735 – 7285

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